The Nigerian Embassy on 27 June, 2013 at the Austria Trend Hotel
Savoyen in Vienna, Austria hosted in a Business Investment Forum with
focus on investment opportunities in Nigeria. During the event, over 35
visiting Nigerian businessmen engaged their Austrian counterparts in an
in-depth exchange of information on potential areas of investment in


Ms. Maria O. Laose, Ambassador Nigerian Embassy, Vienna, Austria.


(Ms. Maria O. Laose, Ambassador Nigerian Embassy, Vienna, Austria.)



Businessmen from both countries were paired to formalise agreements
on future cooperation. Other highlights of the event include Keynote
Address and Formal Opening of the BIF by Comrade Aba Moro,
Honourable Minister of Interior, Business and Investment Opportunities



in Nigeria by the DG of the Raw Material Research and Development
Council, Prof. Peter Azikiwe Onwualu, a general overview on Austria -
Nigeria Business Relations delivered by Ms Nella Hengstler, Austrian
Commercial Counsellor in Lagos, Presentations on Funding of “business

Embassy event


partnerships” by the Austrian Development Agency and Raiffeisen Bank
International, and the business opportunities and the investment drive in
Edo State of Nigeria. Ambassador Laose, in welcoming participants to the
Forum drew their attention to a special supplement published for the
event, which is a compilation of articles on investment potentials and
climate in Nigeria.



On Friday 28 June, a similar event also took place in Slovakia at the
Holiday Inn Bratislava. The event which began as early by 7.30 am
witnessed company presentations, three each from Nigeria and Slovakia,
followed by network business meetings and pairing of businesses
between Nigerian and Slovak Businessmen. The Governor of Osun State,
H.E. Rauf Aregbeshola also presented investment and business
opportunities in the Osun State of Nigeria to the Forum. The Slovakian
Forum is expected to lead to the revival of the Nigerian/Slovak Chamber
of Commerce which was active in the 1990s in Nigeria.
Most of the Nigerian participants expressed their delight at the
opportunities presented by the BIF to establish new useful business
contacts and deals with Austrian and Slovakian counterparts. Messers
African Leadership Magazine, Consultants to the BIF are set to assess
and publish the achievements of the event in order to encourage more of
such businessmen focused sessions in promotion of Nigeria’s economic
partnerships with other nations.

Comrade Aba Moro, Honourable Minister of Interior, Nigeria

Comrade Aba Moro, Honourable Minister of Interior, Nigeria.

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