Coral Beads an insignia of royalty

With an appeal that exudes Royalty, elegance, Class and Style and passing through centuries, Coral Beads still stand as the No. 1 symbol of Royalty in contemporary Africa tradtional representations.

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On this edition we shall be looking at Coral Beads as An Ideal Bridal Costume in the Benin tradition. The Benins, Urhobo’s and some other parts of the edo/Delta have a common name for coral bead, they call it ivie. Coral bead as ornament, is held in high esteem and valued like diamond among the people of this region and the country at large especially during traditional marriage. Even the Yoruba’s and Ibos uses coral beads as insignia of royalty too. The extent of its value gave rise to the parable in Benin “Aiye Ivie rhuemwin oya”. This simply means, beads are not used as instrument of dishonour.

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Compiled by

Faith Sonia Amosa

Correspondent editor, Dortmund Region, Germany.


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