City Of Grace Ministries International, Spain

International Women Convention 2016.




L-R: Pastor George Uwagboe, General Overseer City of Grace Ministries International, Alicanti Spain. (Host), Pastor Mrs. Jane Uwagboe, City of Grace Ministries International, Alicanti Spain. (Hostess) and Pastor Mrs. Mary Rogers of The Redeem Christian Church of God, Spain. (Guest Speaker)@International Women Convention 2016 with the Theme “The Strenght of A Woman” taking from the Holy Scripture in the book of 2nd Samuel 20:16-22.

Christian women have been called to discover what they are meant to be in creation. This voice was raised in a recent concluded International women convention of City of Grace Ministries International Alicanti, Spain. It was a call that summoned every woman to know that God,s intention in creation was an authentic and articulated one and for a purpose. But for us to discover our own strenght which God has imprinted in us, we must worship him in glory. The glory of God can only shine on you when you are in his part. The of the truth, the part of the just and the part of observances of his laws. For many are here for many years and yet to discover the strenght of their creation. But when you find the glory of God, he wil show you his strenght and the best way to actualise it. The General Overseer later prayed for the Women of Grace for the strenght of God upon their life individually and the Women Ministry in particular.

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