Benin women dressing and there traditional wedding

A lady is beautiful not only because of the makeup but also her dress up. In this edition we look at the Benin women dressing and there traditional wedding. It’s mostly says that they dress up like the oba wife. They dressed up with a crown on their head which is known as OKUKU , neck beads know as LVIE-URU , hand beads know as LVIE-OBO , earring know as EMI-OHORIVIE handbag know as EMPA-IVIE and the blouse which is called EWU-IVIE. It also said the coral beads were sourced from deep rivers and therefore were scarce and experience , so it’s not surprising that its nobles that got decked in them in all its full glory. The ones we see around today are not the real things , the real ones are still quite scarce and expensive

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