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Published since 2010, A-Cube Exclusive Magazine International was born in Siena, Italy. It was pet project conceptualized by the Publisher, Aguebor Osaze Michael, a Sociologist.

A-Cube Exclusive Magazine International has be divided into various parts to meet the socio-cultural needs of our people in the Diaspora and also to put across their minds the best ideas that enable each and every one of us to win, with speed and efficiency, ( with an objective in mind ) The Editor-in-Chief hates the bureaucracy of big corporations that stymie speed and kill creativity, that is why A-Cube Exclusive Magazine  is here to help bring creativity to our door step.

Our theme is Living the Brand, which is essentially a process of institutionalizing a mindset that is compliant with our brand vision and mission. The aim is to embed in all of us positive behaviours that will ensure that A-CUBE EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL occupies pride of place in the minds of the consumer.

OUR VISION: To be the undisputed leading and dominant black magazine in Europe and across.

OUR MISSION: To be a role model for African Magazine by creating superior value for all our clients; abiding by the utmost professional and ethical standards and building an enduring institution.

Simple, isn’t it?

Well, maybe not that simple. It’s a tall order and a giant stride, but we can do it! Our care value of Resilience sets us up for the task as long as we all believe and work as a team.

At the soul of our organization is our Brand, the intrinsic and explicit attributes that differentiates us from our competitors in the eyes of the customer. Contrary  to the widely held  ( erroneous ) beliefs the brand is not our logo, our colour, nor our slogan. Our brand is the totality of the customer experience as they interact with you and me via e-mail or Face book  sending in constructive and non-constructive criticism.

Change happens. Change is good. Rather than be anxious, get excited, join in and play your part in this great journey to create a true African success story and a super brand that we can be proud of. If you don’t or can’t see the link between your job, your own personal goals and corporate goals, then I’m afraid you are in the wrong place.

Conclusively, there’s much more in every packed with the usual collection of serious informative and fun reading. Whatever your experience, whatever your view. We would love to hear from you.

In the mean time, find your passion and live it!  May God bless you all as you support this noble course.

                                                                                                                  Osaze Michael Aguebor.



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